Registered charity number 1126173

About Us

The Famous Trains model railway was the vision of three retired senior railway engineers who want to give back to the community in Derby something of the fun they had working for the real railway. Having a large model railway open to the public in a building in a very popular park has, to our knowledge, never been done before. So this is a ground-breaking project.

Famous Trains model railway is a charity registered with the Charity Commission. The model railway will provide education, training and entertainment to a large community in Derby and the surrounding area. The charity has several trustees who carry the overall financial responsibility:

The Trustees

Colin Boocock is President and Publicity Officer of Famous Trains model railway. He is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and worked for the railways for over 55 years, 41 years full time. In the late 1980s Colin was Traction & Rolling Stock Engineer of British Rail’s largest region, the London Midland Region. In the mid-1990s he headed the Railtrack team that produced Railway Group Standards to ensure safe operation on the privatised railway network. Colin also writes books and articles for the railway press.

Adrian Maynard is Chairman of Famous Trains model railway. He also serves as Shop Manager. He is a retired Civil Engineer and a Public Health Engineer. He retired in 2010 from his role in hydraulic problem solving and project management with Severn Trent Water. He moved to the east Midlands from Sheffield where he had previously worked for Yorkshire Water. He specialised in water supply and distribution. While having model railway layouts since 1967 Adrian has never managed to “finish” one: house moving being the biggest problem. Famous Trains model railway provides the opportunity for him to work on a layout that has a permanent home.

Tony Clarke is Vice Chairman of Famous Trains model railway. He also serves as Layout Manager. He received his first train set at the age of 18 months and has been interested in trains, both model and full size, since then. He has modelled in 4mm fine-scale for many years. Following retirement from teaching in Harrow, where he had a church school of 400 pupils, Tony achieved his ambition to own a loft large enough for a decent model railway. Though a Great Western man initially, his move to Derbyshire has kindled a wider interest in things "Midland". He loves to model buildings and scenery and also enjoys drawing locomotives and architecture.

Peter Swift is Honorary Secretary of Famous Trains model railway. Another retired British Rail traction and rolling stock engineer, he still puts in occasional “hands on” work on the Ffestiniog Railway’s carriages, and has been a railway modeller since the 1950s. He was Secretary to the South Western Circle and Archivist to the Historical Model Railway Society, whose study centre is near Derby. He has written a number of books on Southern Railway steam locomotives.

Peter Stanton is the Honorary Treasurer of Famous Trains model railway. Peter is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering & Technology, a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and a Fellow of the Permanent Way Institution. His experience as a project manager in major railway projects will underpin the development of the Famous Trains model railway. Peter is joint author (with Colin Boocock) of a book about Eastleigh Locomotive Works.

Brian Chadderton spent many years in banking, and then timber and building materials, concluding with 15 years in Spain running a villa maintenance and renting business for clients. His model railway building began 50 years ago but due to many house moves was never finished! He now enjoys operating the Chinley and Darley Green layouts for Famous Trains for the entertainment and education of visitors. Brian is also a member of the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway and enjoys his volunteering time with the full-size trains.

All our trustees have well-founded experience in constructing and operating model railways in the 00-scale chosen for the Famous Trains model railway. They are supported by a network of experienced and competent volunteers.

Famous Trains Ltd.

We have set up a company limited by guarantee of which the trustees are directors. This has managed and funded the major works at the building, and now handles other activities as the trustees decide.