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FTMR Photos of Model Trains - Steam : Last two years

We pride ourselves in an extensive collection of model steam trains. The pictures below are just part of our collection.

All photos relevant to the building or the various layouts are presented with the oldest at the top

© Colin Boocock 2012-2022

58072 and 41242 Darley  Green
Engine 41242 shunting at Darley Green. In the background is Engine 58072 arriving at the station with a local passenger train. (Year taken, 2021)
41242 arrives Darley Green goods  yard
Engine 41242 arrives at the Darley Green shunting yard with some freight (Year taken, 2021)
0-6-0T Peckett Darley factory
0-6-0T Peckett shunting engine at the Darley factory (Year taken, 2021)
BR 30119
British Railways 4-4-0 hauling local train out of Chiney main station (Year taken, 2019)
Peckett hauling freight
A small Peckett 0-4-0 ST hauling wagons out of Darley Green yard before propelling them across the road into the factory yard where it belongs. (Year taken, 2019)
Sir Anthony working at Darley Mill
Sir Anthony, a new Peckett 0-6-0ST, shunting a fuel oil tank wagon at Darley Mills (Year taken, 2019)
1930s single carriage trains at Darley Green
Remembrance 2019. 1930s single carriage branch line trains at Darley Green Station. On the right is a streamlined 1934 GWR Diesel rail-car. On the left is a much slower single carriage steam train. (Year taken, 2019)
distinctive wartime trains
Remembrance 2019. Distinctive WW2 Wartime trains. On the left is an ambulance train. On the right, tanks are being conveyed (Year taken, 2019)
Front end of LNER Coronation Express
An LNER Coronation express being hauled by an A4 Pacific 4484 Falcon. The train used to work between London King's Cross and Edinburgh, but, like the Silver Jubilee, was withdrawn on the onset of the second world war. (Year taken, 2019)
Rear end of LNER Coronation Express
A star vehicle of the LNER Coronation London to Edinburgh express is the 'beaver-tail' observation car on the back. (Year taken, 2019)
The Pines Express
The Pines Express that used to run between Bournemouth West and Manchester. Two engines are pulling it because two were needed to get the heavy train over the Mendip Hills in Somerset with long gradients as steep as 1 in 50. That line, which was closed in 1966, had several tunnels, lke the one in our staged photograph. (Year taken, 2019)
Beyer Garratt articulated locomotive
Our refurbished Beyer Garratt locomotive trundling through Chinley station with a 40-wagons-long coal train from the Nottinghamshire coalfield to Fiddler's Ferry power station. (Year taken, 2019)
Royal Ascot Train
An 1899 Class T9 4-4-0 No. 119 works the Royal Ascot Train to places such as WIndsor and Ascot. This engine is painted green, unlike other classes of engine painted black by BR after 1948. The model (Hornby T9 30119) is decorated with the Royal Train headcode of four white discs. The train includes the two Pullman cars to carry the Royal Family; the two leading first class coaches carry other attendants and officials; and the third class brake at the back has the railway people in it. The four-wheeled van behind the engine tender presumably carries the cucumber sandwiches and other refreshments. (Year taken, 2019)
The miniature railway at Chinley Fairground
The miniature railway at Chinley Fairground. (Year taken, 2019)
tram engine with carriage
Scratch built tram engine with carriage, constructed and presented by Chris Bunting. (Year taken, 2019)
Harry Potter Hogwart's Castle Engine
The 4-6-0 engine which heads the Hogwart's Express, just like in the Harry Potter movies. It is called Hogwart's Castle. (Year taken, 2019)